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Many people admit to being depressed when they observe, over time, that they are unable to cope with their normal daily routine.

Apart from this sense of helplessness, they will also experience one or some of the following :

  • Negative thoughts – depending on what you are trying to manage, these can influence your mood so that you feel more helpless.

  • Sleep disturbance – you find it difficult to get up in the morning; lie awake for long periods; cannot fall asleep easily or waken early and don’t get back to sleep.

  • Physical symptoms – Reluctance to move around; eating too much or too little and lack of enjoyment of any activity.


These and other thoughts and feelings may last for considerable periods of time.

You will believe you are no longer as enthusiastic or interested in life, especially when your friends seem to “get everything right.”

This is the point at which it is important to seek professional help.

Your experienced psychologist can guide you through your experiences.

You can talk about your feelings in a safe and supportive environment, and learn different skills and strategies help you cope better.

Through your sessions you will recover a more wholesome sense of self.

Call now for an appointment on (08) 9500 9010 or complete a booking request form here.