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Weight Loss Psychology

Psychological services provide the process to work at modifying
those things in our lives we feel need changing. For many of us
weight loss is an issue we are unable to resolve no matter how
hard we try.

At Rockingham Psychology, we have extensive experience
working with people who have weight loss issues. Completing
workshops created by the well-knownDr Blair West, we adopt
the unique theory of his work.

The most practical elements of the clinical treatment of obesity
are with the strong focus on two emerging problem areas -
'behavioural fatigue' and ‘weight loss sabotage’ by self
and others. 

Many people often use their weight as a form of protection and
quite often weight loss is disrupted if there are underlying issues
that are not addressed and resolved.

With extensive experience in treating stress, anxiety and other psychological problems ,Rockingham Psychology helps identify the common forms of sabotage, by self and others, and treats these problems very specifically.

We shift the therapeutic focus from a 'willpower driven' focal point on weight loss to a ‘psychologically sophisticated’ focus on long term lifestyle change.

Strategies for dealing with motivation and exercise are also incorporated to successfully lose weight and obtain that lifestyle change you are looking for.

Call now for an appointment on (08) 9500 9010 or complete a booking request form here